Class CreateAutomaticLoginRequest


Description of CreateAutomaticLoginRequest

Parameter object for the CreateAutomaticLoginRequest method
The parameters are : (name [type] description)

  • moduleSessionId [Long] : the module session id
  • userToLoginCredentials [LoginCredentials] : an object of type LoginCredentials identifying the user for which the webservice is creating an automatic login ticket.
  • automaticLoginToPatientFormList [fixme] : an object of type AutomaticLoginToPatientFormList an object containing the necessary MEMdoc view that should be loaded once the user logs into the applciation

* <p>The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.

 <complexType name="createAutomaticLoginRequest">
     <restriction base="{}anyType">
         <element name="moduleSessionId" type="{}long"/>
         <element name="userToLoginCredentials" type="{}loginCredentials"/>
           <element name="automaticLoginToPatientFormList" type="{}automaticLoginToPatientFormList"/>

  • author: ubuntu

Located in /src/wrapper/CreateAutomaticLoginRequest.php (line 42)

Method Summary
getAutomaticLoginToPatientFormList (line 66)
  • access: public
void getAutomaticLoginToPatientFormList ()
getModuleSessionId (line 50)
  • access: public
void getModuleSessionId ()
getUserToLoginCredentials (line 58)
  • access: public
void getUserToLoginCredentials ()
setAutomaticLoginToPatientFormList (line 70)
  • access: public
void setAutomaticLoginToPatientFormList (AutomaticLoginToPatientFormList $automaticLoginToPatientFormList)
setModuleSessionId (line 54)
  • access: public
void setModuleSessionId ( $moduleSessionId)
  • $moduleSessionId
setUserToLoginCredentials (line 62)
  • access: public
void setUserToLoginCredentials (LoginCredentials $userToLoginCredentials)

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