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active - Variable in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.GetListOfFormsResponse.Form
active - Variable in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.GetListOfStudiesResponse.Study
addImplantToFormData(AddImplantToFormDataRequest) - Method in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.MemdocServer
AddImplantToFormDataImpl - Class in org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.serviceimpl
AddImplantToFormDataRequest - Class in org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers
Request to add one or more implants to a form data record.
AddImplantToFormDataRequest() - Constructor for class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.AddImplantToFormDataRequest
AddImplantToFormDataResponse - Class in org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers
The parameters are : (name [type] description)
success [Boolean] : true wheneverthe opration is successful, false otherwise. searchImplantCollision [SearchImplantCollision] : this field contains a description of the set BarcodeData elements provided on the request for which more than just one possible match of implant products was found.
AddImplantToFormDataResponse() - Constructor for class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.AddImplantToFormDataResponse
Answer - Class in org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers
Object representing an answer to a question
The properties are : (name [type] description)
questionName [String] : the name of the question.
Answer() - Constructor for class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.Answer
ANSWER_A_BEURTEILUNGSGRUND_KORREKTUR - Static variable in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.extension.spitex_raihc.Constants
answers - Variable in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.SubformData
anzahl - Variable in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.LeistungItem
articleNumber - Variable in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.ImplantDescription
atricleNumber - Variable in class org.memdoc.www.yosemite.webservices.memdoc.wrappers.SedicoImplantData
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