Implant import into MEMdoc

Implant data can be sent to MEMdoc in a simple XML format. The implants will be automatically linked to the surgery form of the specified patient. In case the implant cannot be linked, it will be available in a tool for manual linkage.

Transmitting data:

Data will be transmitted to MEMdoc by SFTP. You will be given an account on our FTP server.
Every 2 minutes, the FTP server will be checked for new data, which will be validated and imported into the database

Data files

The data will be sent in XML files. Each file must have a unique name.
You will be given a providerID, The files should be named:


You can use a timestamp or whatever you want to create a unique string, but every file must have a unique name!

XML structure:

The parameters needed to link an implant to the correct operation form of the correct patient are the following (all mandatory):

Once per file

  • fileid -> Unique identifier per file. Ideally this is the same as the filename.
    Type: String
  • providerid -> Unique name/ID of the provider of the software solution e.g. GHX.
    Type: String
  • deviceid -> Unique ID for the device. This will be registered in MEMdoc and will be used to link incoming data to a clinic.
    Type: String
  • scandate -> Date when this file has been created.which which the patient has been Type: date

For each implant

  • patientid -> a unique identifier for a patient in a hospital. This must be the same ID which which the patient has been registered in MEMdoc
    Type: String
  • operationdate -> the date of the operation
  • Type: Date
  • supplierid -> an ID for each implant supplier. You will be given a list of suppliers from us
    Type: Integer
  • anatomycode -> the location where the implant has been implanted. Use 1 for right and 2 for left.
    Type: Integer
  • articlenumber -> articlenumber from the implant supplier as it is found on the barcode sticker, NOT an EAN number
    Type: String
  • articledescription -> description from the implant supplier as it is found on the barcode sticker
    Type: String
  • lotnumber -> the lotnumber of the product
    Type: String
  • componentype: for now there are two types: 'cement' and 'implant'
    Type: String