Delete Patient

Since the MEMdoc web service consists of two separate web services, and patient information is divided into two independent servers, the user has to delete a patient twice: 

  1. Complete a successful login sequence
  2. Know the patientID that identifies the patient that should be deleted, see search patient operation
  3. Delete the patient on the server by calling server.deletePatient, and save the signature returned by the server response in case of a successful delete, as this signature will have to be provided to  the module.deletePatient  operation. See the illustrations of this step in the  server.SOAP-Request-Reply example.
  4. Delete the patient on the module by calling the module.deletePatient  operation passing along, in theDeletePatient module request the signature that was returned by the server. See the illustration of this step in the module.SOAP-Request-Reply example. 

Note: If you need to delete a patient that only exists on the module but not on the server, you have to call server.deletePatient anyway. This will return the signature which is needed for module.deletePatient