Search Patient

As in Insert Patient, you have to know which patient data is saved in your project. You first have to make a connection to our web services, then you call the operation module.getPatientFields which will tell you what values can be searched for. It will also tell you of what type and format the data is.

  1. Call module.getPatientFields with the parameter mode set to 'search'. This will return an list of patient field objects. These objects have information about what format the data for each field should be.
  2. Create patientFieldData objects for all values that you want to search for.
  3. Add all these objects to an array
  4. Call module.searchPatient with the above array, the moduleSessionId and the departmentId

Once you know the patientFieldids that you need, you can hard code this into your application and you do not need to call module.getPatientFields again.